Graduating Class of C.N.A. Preceptors Announced

Fairhaven is very proud to announce the graduating class of C.N.A. Preceptors.   This wonderful ensemble of healthcare professionals have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to Fairhaven residents and patients;  and have now been asked to take on the challenging,  yet rewarding responsibility of being a Preceptor,  Mentor and Teacher to nearly 100 other C.N.A's on the Fairhaven team.

From left to right bottom row:  Emily Getchell (ADON, SDC),  Melissa St. Amand, Micaela Holland and Georgia Wayne (Director of Nursing). From left to right top row:  Yamah Lloyd,  Lori Kearin, Mohamed Kamara, Marianella DaSilva,  Carmen Smith and Osa Imafidon.

Congratulations to all of our amazing Preceptors!

A New Award Adorns Our Entrance—Thanks to Our Staff

Our Fairhaven Healthcare Center employees value the importance of being recognized by the New England Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative for improving the quality of life and care we provide to our Residents and Patients.

Fairhaven Opens 'Steve Young Memorial Recreation Room'

Fairhaven is honored to announce the recent Grand Opening of the Steve Young Memorial Recreation Room,  memorialized and dedicated to the loving memory of staff member Steve Young.

Steve was a long-time (20-year!) employee of Fairhaven Healthcare Center who served us and our residents through multiple responsibilities during his longs tenure. Most recently, Steve was Director of Activities here.

He had a way of lighting up any room with his presence, his boundless sense of humor and his consistent dedication to his work. He not only committed his life to caring for others, but always did so in an unselfish and giving manner. He is sadly missed by his friends,  family and colleagues, and by the thousands upon thousands of patients and residents he made smile every single day of his long career with Fairhaven.


Above And Beyond Award

Our level of commitment to quality, caring and community support can only be maintained through the efforts of hard-working employees who are willing to give that "extra effort"—not because it's required, but because they share Fairhaven's ideals of best-in-class service and quality of life for our residents and rehabilitation patients.

Each month Fairhaven Healthcare Center recognizes the accomplishments of its dedicated employees who truly go "above and beyond". And, we're happy to say we always have a large selection of candidates to choose from!.

We are proud to announce that the the most recent winner of our Above And Beyond Award is Stephanie Trouville, a CNA whose level of work consistently demonstrates our commitment and ideals here at Fairhaven. Stephanie's exemplary service to our organization helps show the way for others—and is proof of the immportance of staff continuity in long term care: She has been part of our Fairhaven family for nearly 15 years!

Congratulations Stephanie!

Students from Immaculate Conception School Bring Christmas Cheer

Our residents, patients, staff and families were thoroughly entertained by the amazing First Grade students from classrooms at Immaculate Conception School in Lowell. Their thoughtful visit to our facility and entertaining renditions of dozens of familiar Christmas carols put smiles on the faces of all, and helped spread holiday cheer!

Stir Fry Buffet at Fairhaven Nursing

Executive Chef Jim Clark prepares a sumptious, gourmet Stir Fry Buffet. Residents, rehab patients, families and staff members helped themselves to an expansive suite of dishes with something to suit every palate, including some of Chef Clark's special culinary creations.

Fairhaven has never followed the traditional nursing home regimen of rigid menus and strict meal times; we favor a more individualized approach toward food and emphasize the importance of social interaction when residents and rehab patients get together to eat. We believe—as do many of the leading nursing homes in the country—that the ability to choose what to eat and when to do so is hugely important to seniors' quality of life.


Support for Law Enforcement

LOWELL, Ma. — When it comes to public support of important community issues, Fairhaven Healthcare Center steps up and lets everyone know where it stands.

When driving by their property on Varnum Avenue, right down the street from Lowell General Hospital, you cannot miss their massive 30-foot-long banner that says “Fairhaven Supports Our Local Law Enforcement”.

Fairhaven is a well-reputed rehabilitation facility and long term care center that has a lengthy history of close relationships with the citizens of Lowell when it comes to taking care of the city's elderly, and for caring for those short-term patients suffering from multiple diagnoses.

Regarding the banner, Michael Takesian, Administrator at Fairhaven, said "I couldn’t be more proud of our employees. They came up with the idea to pay homage and respect to those in law enforcement who risk their lives for all of us every day." Takesian is a highly-respected administrator with 30 years of top-level executive management experience in the financial and money management sector, in high technology and the healthcare industry. He helps ensure financial stability at our facility and directs various building improvements.

"We're blessed to have such a phenomenal group of employees at Fairhaven who not only provide exceptional care for our patients but care just as much about the community we are an integral part of," Takesian said. "It’s an amazing team."

The recent climate for those who have taken an oath to "serve and protect" has been tumultuous, with front-page headlines often depicting law enforcement in a negative light. But many people, and conscientious companies like Fairhaven Healthcare Center, have taken a public stand in support of their local police officers.

Georgia Wayne, BSN, Director of Nursing for Fairhaven said "We are privileged to be given the responsibility of taking care of a generation of wonderful people who were raised to believe in 'the good of the masses' — and not the indiscretions of just a few police officers around the country. It's wonderful to be reminded often by this entire generation of this important fact."

Emily Getchell, RN, Staff Development Coordinator at Fairhaven, said "My husband is a police officer. My brother is a police officer. It's in my family's blood. I've always been fortunate and proud to work at Fairhaven, but after seeing this huge banner so proudly displayed in our front yard — well, it's very emotional for me and so many others who work here."

So, kudos to Fairhaven. The management and employees at this healthcare faciltiy remain quite proud of their public display of support for law enforcement. Fairhaven Healthcare Center is a small non-profit organization that works just as hard in its community as it does in providing daily healthcare for neighbors, friends and citizens of the greater Lowell area.

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The Fairhaven Legacy

From our picturesque facility near the Merrimack River and just 200 yards from Lowell General Hospital, we serve the rehabilitation and long term care needs of residents and their families in the Greater Lowell Area, northeastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire including Andover, Billerica, Carlisle, Chelsmford, Concord, Dracut, Groton, Haverhill, Lawrence, Methuen, Nashua (NH), Pelham (NH), Pepperell, Salem (NH), Tewksbury, Tyngsborough, Westford, Wilmington and Windham (NH).